Makin’ Bacon


My son is having a bacon party, so we found this link at Bacon Today and it was written by Brianne Rivlin about Neil Caldwell’s idea of coloring bacon with food coloring. I have listed the link here:¬†colored-bacon. Anyhow, my son is all about color and he loved it. So, this is the first step of our bacon making process. Step 1 is to color the bacon. You can use regular store bought food coloring, but I also used the Wilton colored food coloring found at your local craft store like Michaels as it has a deeper color to it.

You’ll need the following:

  • 1 package of bacon
  • Food coloring colors of your choice
  • water
  • containers

Marinading Bacon

Green Bacon

Blue Bacon

I cut my bacon strips in half, they were just easier to manage the length. Put food coloring in your bowl, wish it with some cold water and enter your bacon. Put the bowls, and place it in the fridge. The video in Rivlin’s piece says to marinade it for 24 hours, so that is what we did. Then I took the bacon out, placed it on many paper towels and let it dry a bit. Tonight we will cook it up. Will post pics of cooked and colored marinaded bacon soon.

Tell me this isn’t sweet! I’ve been eating vegetarian for almost 4 weeks now and I still love the smell of bacon. When your kids are happy, you are happy too. Life IS Sweet when you’re Makin’ Bacon!

Stay Tuned for the cooked up results!



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